Upper Thomson Best Massage

What Is a Semester Massage?

The upper Thomson technique also employs the use of both hands for the massage, but only one at a time. With the single-hand upper Thompson technique, the therapist moves both hands from below the join date to above the thread line, then back to the join date. You should use your thumbs for this technique to reduce the likelihood of breaking the skin.

For the second technique, the therapist moves his hands in a back-to-back motion, from left to right over the upper Thomson area, following the join date. This allows the full body to be worked upon. An upper Thomson massage is a type of back and neck massage that requires both hands for the massage. The upper Thomson technique is an old, but effective technique that has been used for many years in the Far East, especially in Japan.


In this technique, a Japanese therapist uses both hands for the massage, working along the join line between the shoulders and neck to loosen and release tight muscles, such as those in the shoulder and neck area. To perform an upper Thomson or upper Thomson massage, you need to get yourself set up. For the technique to be completely effective, your skin must be slightly damp; when it is not, you will not be able to get the benefits of the massage. Your upper back and neck should be properly prepared by using a firm mattress and pillow.


Use a pillow that matches the contour of your body, so that you will not be uncomfortable with any part of the body being crushed while lying on the bed. Also, make sure that the mattress is the right thickness for your head. The joining of the two posts (the join date and the thread line) is what makes the upper Thomson technique work.